Major Trauma Conference - Sydney, 12-13 Dec 2019

2 Days for Nurses and Other Health Professionals
Need for Program

Major trauma can be debilitating, and even fatal. Health professionals who work in prehospital and hospital settings have to be prepared at all times in the event that a major trauma patient comes their way. Nurses and other health professionals must use their critical thinking skills to manage each major trauma patient and their injuries. Education that is specifically tailored to those who work in this specialised area is crucial if morbidity, mortality, and permanent disability are to be averted.
Purpose of Program
The purpose of this conference is to improve the outcomes of major trauma patients by enhancing nurses’ and other health professional’s knowledge about the latest evidence-based strategies to assess and manage major trauma injuries.
Why Attend?
Major trauma incidents can happen without warning. Are you prepared for when a major trauma patient comes your way? Since no two major trauma incidents are the same, education is essential to ensure you are confident and always ready to act. Attend this conference to improve outcomes for major trauma patients. Topics include:

  • - How to treat penetrating injuries
  • - Catastrophic haemorrhage management
  • - Where to start with paediatric and obstetric trauma
  • - Prehospital management of suspected spinal injury
  • - A look at delayed accident symptoms and much, much more…

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