Victorian State Trauma System Outcomes

The VSTS is one of the most highly regarded integrated trauma systems in the world, providing excellence in major trauma patient care. While patients managed by the system continue to grow, significant gains have been made in trauma management and the outcomes of major trauma patients following the introduction of the VSTS.

Today, approximately 80% of all major trauma patients receive their definitive care at an appropriately designated trauma service within the Victorian State Trauma System and more than 90% of road trauma cases are managed at an MTS8. In 2015–16 the adjusted relative risk of in hospital death following major trauma had not changed since 2011-129. Patients are spending less time in hospital and more patients are able to be discharged home rather than to inpatient rehabilitation10. Over the past five years there has also been a significant reduction in adjusted relative risk of in-hospital mortality11.

Evidence from the Victorian State Trauma Registry also confirms that functional and health status outcomes of major trauma are continuing to improve12, with research indicating that despite an increase in the number of hospitalised road transport trauma patients, the burden of disability (as defined by disability adjusted life years) has reduced indicating that the increase in lives saved under the VSTS has not resulted in an overall increase in road trauma survivors living with permanent disability. 13

A retrospective review of Registry data from 2008-201414 has also identified a significant reduction in traumatic brain injury from motor vehicle accidents over this period. The cause of this decline is considered multi-factorial, including the very high percentage of road trauma patients managed at MTS hospitals, road accident prevention measures and safer vehicle design.
VSTS stakeholders including the Department of Health and Human Services, the TAC, Ambulance Victoria and ARV are committed to ensuring the VSTS remains one of the world’s most effective trauma systems. Integral to the success of the VSTS is the quality data captured by the Victorian State Trauma Registry. The registry enables constant trauma system monitoring, which drives continued improvements and ensures the VSTS’s status as a national and international leader in trauma care.