Zero-Point Survey

The Zero-Point Survey (ZPS) is a great starting tool for all team members, that immediately improves situational awareness via removing background noise and creating a stable pre- patient environment. It enables optimisation of all team members so that they are prepared for any time critical situation that arises. It should precede the primary survey and commences prior to patient arrival (14, 15).

Zero point survey imformation

The above image (15) highlights the simultaneous two phase nature of the ZPS. The first phase is the pre-resuscitation phase, and this focuses on the individuals involved and the environment that can be controlled. The second phase is patient focused and is intended to optimise patient outcomes. Both phases repeat as clinical or non-clinical situations change.

I’M SAFE refers to an aeronautical safety concept mnemonic that is extremely effective in self- preparedness (16). It stands for Illness / Medication / Stress / Alcohol / Fatigue / Emotion. It enables the user to quickly determine if they are safe to be doing the role they are about to perform. Any concerns should be verbalised and considerations for the individual to remove themselves from the environment until safe to return.

The use of the ZPS aims to improve situational awareness, improve team member clarity and cohesion, whilst simultaneously focusing on the patient and targeting the best possible patient outcomes via a team based approach (14) .