On Scene

Scene Time

As a general rule, the aim should be for a scene time of 20 minutes or less for non-trapped major trauma patients9.
It is acknowledged that longer scene times may be necessary when interventions such as Rapid Sequence Intubation are required10. In these circumstances a risk / benefit should be undertaken to determine if the interventions are essential (including consideration for proximity to hospital) or whether transport should be the priority. Additional considerations that may influence scene time include the number of patients versus resources available and the time to a primary hospital versus time to aeromedical transport to enable direct transport to a Major Trauma Service.
Extricating the victim from the scene
Image used with permission from Ambulance Victoria

ARV Notification

If it is necessary for a pMT patient to be taken by ambulance to a hospital designated other than an MTS, Ambulance Victoria will notify ARV of the case and ARV will contact the primary receiving hospital within 60 minutes to determine the need for advice or support, or the need for retrieval or transfer to an MTS. If onward movement to a MTS is required then it is important that it occurs as soon as is practicable.

Retrieval coordinators are always available