Ambulance Victoria & Pre-hospital Triage of Major Trauma Patients

Did you know there are systems designed that send major trauma patients to the best hospital for their condition? The technology used gets patients to help in the most safe and timely manner. Michael (Mick) Stephenson, Executive Director of Clinical Operations at Ambulance Victoria talks to us about the Ambulance Victoria response to major trauma patients. Mick describes activation systems that the initial 000 call will trigger to ensure an appropriate response; with extra consideration to ensure an accurate assessment, triage and management.
Teamwork and Communication

We chat with Dr. Jonathan Papson, the Director of Emergency Education at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, about the importance of teamwork and communication in managing major trauma. We discuss proven techniques for developing a functional team structure, using effective communication and demonstrate strategies to manage conflict. Jonathan also shares some of his own personal experiences in practice.
Trauma and Cardiac Arrest

Traumatic cardiac arrest can be a highly stressful scenario. Dr David Camilleri, an Emergency Physician and Retrieval Consultant, discusses cardiac arrest in the setting of major trauma. David explains the need for synthesis and preparation, a shared mental model and the benefits of guidelines so we can deliver the lifesaving treatment these patients require.
Understanding Trauma in Victoria

In this episode Professor Peter Cameron talks us through the history & development of the Victorian State Trauma System (VSTS) and the Trauma Guidelines.  He explains how a state-wide approach, evidence base, robust planning, & ongoing monitoring drive continuous quality improvement, seeing the VSTS evolve as a world leading trauma system.