The Role of Ultrasound in Trauma

The role of ultrasound has evolved over the past 30 years and now plays an important role in trauma care, both diagnostically & procedurally. In this episode Dr. Amaali Lokuge an Emergency Physician at the Royal Melbourne Hospital & Clinical Lead for Ultrasound talks us through how ultrasound has become an extension of her clinical practice with the rapid assessment and diagnosis of traumatic injuries. Current at date of publication; 13/08/2019. 

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Trauma Handover

The exchange of clinical information is critical in reducing risk and prioritising care for the trauma patient. Dr Helen Stergiou an Emergency & Trauma Physician from Alfred Health explains why it is important to be prepared & use a structured approach to handover the clinical information & accountability across the patients care pathway. Current at date of publication; 06/08/2019.

VSTORM and Trauma System Performance

Victorian State Trauma Outcomes Registry Monitoring Group (VSTORM) is a fundamental element of the Victorian State Trauma System. Dr Ben Beck the Deputy Head of Prehospital, Emergency & Trauma Research at Monash University joins us to explain VSTORM’s role in monitoring system performance, informing service provision & development with an aim to reduce preventable deaths and permanent disability from major trauma. Current at date of publication; 05/08/2019. 

Understanding the Victorian Adult Burns Service

Yvonne Singer the Victorian Burns Program Coordinator has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to managing burns. In this episode Yvonne talks us through how current burns literature is guiding best practice, giving valuable tips to clinicians for assessing & managing major burns, and gives us an inside perspective of the Victorian Adults Burns Service, at the Alfred. Current at date of publication; 22/7/2019.

Managing Psychological Trauma

Managing patients and families psychological trauma is challenging & is often delayed as we are absorbed in the initial management and lifesaving treatment of a major trauma patient.
Connie Montagner joins us to explain why psychological trauma should not be forgotten and talks us through an easy to use framework to provide psychological first aid to our trauma patients, their families and ourselves. Current at date of publication; 09/07/2019.

Ambulance Victoria's response to a Major Trauma Incident

Ambulance Victoria (AV) is often the first responder to a major traumatic incident. Ian Hunt, MICA Paramedic and Manager of the Emergency Management Unit explains how AV respond, coordinate & communicate in the event of a major trauma incident, whilst ensuring AV’s normal business and service to the community has little interruption. If only there was a big red button. Current at date of publication; 09/07/2019. 

Initial Management of Burns

Are you providing consistent burns care? Listen in as Toby St Clair, a MICA Flight Paramedic & Yvonne Singer the Victorian Burns Program Coordinator talk us through the initial management of burns. Toby discusses some of the challenges & priorities of pre-hospital burns management and provides a practical approach to their care. Yvonne provides us insight into the continuum of care on arrival to the Victorian Adult Burns Service & management advice supported by burns literature. Current at date of publication; 11/06/2019.

Emergency Management of the Older Person Trauma

A collaborative discussion with two passionate advocates for older people after major trauma, Dr Mya Cubitt, an Emergency Physician, and Dr. Kwang Lim, a Geriatrician. This discussion will highlight the complexities and challenges of caring for this patient group, which includes; physiological differences, initial assessment, management, systems and processes to ensure appropriate ongoing care. Current at date of publication; 13/05/2019.

Pre-Hospital Management of Older Person Trauma

Pre-hospital management of older trauma patients is challenging. James Marshall, Paramedic Educator with Ambulance Victoria, explains how physiological changes and comorbidities complicate pre-hospital initial assessment and triage. James shares his own experiences and strategies to ensure optimal pre-hospital care for the older person trauma. Current at date of publication; 10/05/2019.

Ambulance Victoria & Pre-hospital Triage of Major Trauma Patients

Did you know there are systems designed that send major trauma patients to the best hospital for their condition? The technology used gets patients to help in the most safe and timely manner. Michael (Mick) Stephenson, Executive Director of Clinical Operations at Ambulance Victoria talks to us about the Ambulance Victoria response to major trauma patients. Mick describes activation systems that the initial 000 call will trigger to ensure an appropriate response; with extra consideration to ensure an accurate assessment, triage and management. Current at date of publication; 18/04/2019.